The Wildcat MKII .30 Cal

The Wildcat MKII .30 Cal

The world renouned FX Wildcat is one of the finest bullpups ever made. It's perfectly balanced, light weight, powerful frame is further enhanced by a smooth cocking side-lever positioned perfectly and directly over one of the most amazing bullpup triggers you will ever have the pleasure of shooting. Now the Wildcat family is complete with the much anticipated addition of the .30 Caliber FX Wildcat MKII.


The .30 Caliber Wildcat produces fierce power and phenomenal accuracy due to it's 700mm STX Smooth Twist X barrel. The .30 Wildcat delivers up to 75 ft lbs of relentless muzzle energy using the same barrel and barrel system that is found on the FX Impact X. A competition grade 700mm STX barrel housed within the ground breaking Interchangeable Barrel Liner System. This visionary barrel design allows different barrel liners to be easily exchanged on the rifle, allowing you to match the barrel to the particular projectile you would like to use.


The new .30 Cal Wildcat MKII also includes the now AMP Regulator. The AMP Reg (short for "Adjustable Match Precision" Regulator) is a newly designed high performance regulator. The AMP's advanced design allows for precision tuning that can be dialed in to a more exact pressure measurement without the spring fatigue or pressure creep that plague lesser regulators. Plus, the AMP allows you to increase and decrease regulator pressure while the Wildcat is fully pressurized. Gone are the days of needing to de-pressurize your rifle before lowering the regulator pressure. This allows the AMP Reg to be externally adjusted within the fixed 300cc aluminum air resevoir using a simple Allen key.


This new large caliber FX Wildcat is a perfect alternative to its big brother the FX Impact .30 Cal. You get everything you want, including the 700mm STX barrel that is both shrouded and moderated, a high performance externally adjustable regulator, a quick load 7-round magazine, and world class performance all in a synthetic, walnut or black pepper laminate bullpup stock. All these features come at a remarkable price point that solidifies the FX Wildcat as a premier bullpup in a class of it's own.


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***Please be aware this item does not come with a scope or sites. A scope is required to be able to properly use this item. Scope options will be added soon, contact us with any questions or desires in adding a scope to your purchase.**

Caliber .30
Weight 6.75 lbs
Cocking System Sidelever
Magazine Type 7 Shot



Black Pepper Laminate

Barrel Length 27.5" (700mm)

35" without Shroud

40" with Shroud

Shots Per Fill 30
Fill Pressure 230 bar (3300 psi)
Trigger Adjustable Match Trigger
Muzzle Shroud w/5" Moderator
Trigger Pull 15 oz
Energy 75 ft/lbs
Air Capacity 300 cc
Air Cylinder Aluminum (non-removable)
Barrel Smooth Twist X
Optics Rail Dovetail
Regulator AMP Reg
Charging Fill Probe