The Streamline

The Streamline

To make the FX Airguns further accessible to more shooters,
the minds at FX were determined to conceive and produce a
remarkable high-quality air rifle, full of the features and performance
that FX is known for but at a friendlier price point.
FX Streamline was the perfect result of this quest.

The FX Streamline provides an unprecedented high-quality
airgun at a great price without sacrificing key features that
redefines what it means to shoulder and shoot an FX air rifle.

FX consolidated and found efficiencies of their previous
designs into this more streamlined design which results in a
superior feature-rich rifle that gives the shooter everything they
need and more.

The Streamline features adjustable power, a fully adjustable
two-stage match grade trigger, a fully shrouded FX Smooth
Twist barrel, and an internal regulator that results in world
class precision. The silky-smooth cocking lever is effortless
to cycle with just one hand, never requiring the shooter
to break eye contact with their target. And the lightweight
Streamline is easy to carry in the field and shoot off hand.
Stock options include soft touch synthetic, walnut, and a
stunning black pepper laminate walnut, All available in
.177, .22, and .25 calibers.

Truly the Streamline gives shooters an incredible rifle that
performs far above its price point. The amount of care and attention
to the precise engineering of the Streamline is setting
a new standard for what to expect from an entry level rifle to
the FX family. The FX Streamline is the perfect way to discover
why serious shooters everywhere rely solely on FX Airguns.


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**Please be aware this item does not come with a scope or sites. A scope is required to be able to properly use this item. Scope options will be added soon, contact us with any questions or desires in adding a scope to your purchase.

Cocking system Sidelever
Magazine type FX Standard 
13 shot in cal 4.5 (.177) 
11 shot in cal 5.5 (.22) 
10 shot in cal 6.35 (.25)
Stock Synthetic 
Laminate Black Pepper
Caliber 4.5 (.177) 
5.5 (.22) 
6.35 (.25)
Barrel FX Smooth twist
Match grade
Free floating


length 4.5 (.177): 500 mm 
length 5.5 (.22): 500 mm 
length 6.35 (.25): 600mm
Fill pressure

230 Bar • 3300 Psi




11 mm dovetail
scope mount



Pressure gauge Yes
Trigger Adjustable match trigger
500 g
Velocity 4.5 (.177): 295 m/s • 980 ft/s 
5.5 (.22): 275 m/s • 910 ft/s 
6.35 (.25): 270 m/s • 890 ft/s
Energy 4.5 (.177): 24 J • 18 ft/lbs
5.5 (.22): 41 J • 30 ft/lbs
6.35 (.25): 65 J • 47 ft/lbs
Air capacity

4.5 (.177) 190 cc
5.5 (.22) 190 cc
6.35 (.25) 250 cc

Air cylinder

Not removable

Length 4.5 (.177): 975 mm 
5.5 (.22): 975 mm 
6.35 (.25): 1090 mm
Weight Synthetic: 2.6 kg 
Walnut: 2.8 kg 
Laminate: 2.9 kg
Charging Quick charge system MkI