Dream Pup

Dream Pup

The FX Dream-Pup finally answers the question many air gunners have had: bullpup or standard sporter air rifle? Why not both? The Dream-Pup takes the same Dreamline internals of the other models but fits it into a bullpup configuration to shorten the overall length to just 29 inches (33 inches in .25 & .30 caliber due to the longer barrel). Yet can easily be converted back to a sporter stocked rifle with any of the Dreamline configuration kits.


The Dream-Pup has the valve adjustment knob as well as the addition of a hammer spring adjuster. Shooters familiar with the hammer spring adjuster on the FX Impact or FX Crown will instantly recognize this adjustment, allowing for 13 settings of the hammer spring. This makes the Dream-pup a versatile bullpup that cannot only adjust caliber and barrel liners, but also the regulator, hammer spring tension and airflow needed to find the perfect harmonic balance for the projectile you are using.


Currently, our on-hand inventory is limited. If the product you desire is out of stock, contact us so we can be sure to get you exactly what you're looking for.


*Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price. Contact us for further details.


**Please be aware this item does not come with a scope or sites. A scope is required to be able to properly use this item. Scope options will be added soon, contact us with any questions or desires in adding a scope to your purchase.**

Cocking system Sidelever
Magazine type Removable high capacity
21 shot when Cal .177
18 shot when Cal .22
16 shot when Cal .25
14 shot when Cal .30
Stock Skeleton Stock
Caliber 4.5 (.177)
5.5 (.22)
6.35 (.25)
7.62 (.30)
Barrel FX Smooth twist X
Shot capacity

4.5 (.177)

110 shots approx.

5.5 (.22):
80 shots approx.

6.35 (.25):
50 shots approx.

7.62 (.30):
25 shots approx.

Fill pressure

Max 230 bar (3300 psi)


Switch style


11 mm dovetail
scope mount


Telescopic shroud system

Built-In Moderator
(variations may occur depending on country).

Pressure gauge     Dual Manometers
One for airtube pressure
One for regulator pressure
Trigger Adjustable Match Trigger
(variations may occur)
Velocity 4.5 (.177): 300 m/s • 1000 ft/s
5.5 (.22): 280 m/s • 920 ft/s
6.35 (.25): 270 m/s • 900 ft/s
7.62 (.30): 265 m/s • 870 ft/s


Note: the above figures are factory recommended FAC

Power output, but can be turned higher/lower if needed.

Energy 4.5 (.177): 24 J • 18 ft/lbs
5.5 (.22): 41 J • 32 ft/lbs
6.35 (.25): 60 J • 47 ft/lbs
7.62 (.30): 110 J • 75 ft/lbs


Note: the above figures are factory recommended FAC

Power output, but can be turned higher/lower if needed.



250 cc





500mm in .177, .22

600mm in .25, .30

Weight 5.9 lbs
Charging Foster Quick Disconnect



-Interchangeable Barrel Liner System (with changeable core barrel liner to obtain various twist rates)

-Dual External Power Adjusters (hammer spring tension and airflow)

-Externally Adjustable Regulator

-Interchangeable Caliber System

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